ImPlan - is a comprehensive solution based on standard APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) software as well as process optimization and strengthening team competences.

ImPlan will allow to combine best practices in the area of tools, processes and people in your company, improving the implementation of strategic assumptions for production by effectively transferring them to the production schedule.

At this level, the processes of sales forecasting, managing customer orders, coordinating planning communication and monitoring the implementation of supply chain goals take place.

As part of the ImPlan solution, we can support this level by helping to improve the efficiency of the above-mentioned processes and implementing "what if" scenario analyzes.

Planning aims to prepare an overall production plan that best meets market needs in line with the organization's business goals.

ImPlan enables efficient balancing of sales needs and operational capabilities of production. ImPlan supports the implementation of production efficiency indicators, helps to monitor inventory while balancing the load on individual operational resources, including the generation of purchasing needs and ensures transparency of planning information.

Using the general production plan and other planning guidelines, the scheduling process develops a precise plan of production operations while maintaining technological assumptions (including production routes).

ImPlan on this level allows to generate a detailed production schedule and enables to visually (Gantt chart) manage it in response to production events.

ImPlan features:

ImPlan - following the spirit of Industry 4.0 – it combines in a unique way the improvement of planning processes, building of employee competences and providing precise APS tools, enabling permanent improvement of planning processes in the organization, both at the management, planning and scheduling levels.

Process mapping

As part of ImPlan, we offer to develop or revise maps of planning processes together with the representatives of the user company, allowing for increasing the efficiency of these processes.

Workshops and training

ImPlan offers a package of workshops and training courses aimed at gathering experience and knowledge existing in the organization, joint development of target solutions taking into account current trends in the supply chain and developing the competences of participants in planning processes at all levels of the organization.

Visualization and transparency

Thanks to the visualization of production schedules - with the use of Gantt charts - ImPlan enables easy verification of the duration of individual operations, order fulfillment dates, resource availability, priorities and existing threats to plan implementation. The planner can modify the schedules using a graphical interface - by moving individual operations on the Gantt chart - and ImPlan in the background makes sure that the resulting schedule is feasible. Transparency in ImPlan is the availability of schedules in their most current version in real time for all interested parties.

Planning stocks and operational resources

ImPlan enables precise resource planning and their effective assignment to specific operations, orders or projects that we want to plan. The key resources analyzed within ImPlan are machines, devices and tools, employees with their competences, estimated production costs and material stocks - the optimal levels are defined during workshop works.

Scenario analyzes

Thanks to the possibility of creating many scheduling scenarios for orders from clients in ImPlan, it is possible - in accordance with the spirit of Industry 4.0 - to analyze them ("what if") depending on the adopted priorities and business goals and, consequently, to choose the most optimal one.




The basis of the software. Main application, planner interface. This is where the plans are made and visualized in the form of Gantt.



Web access, where the operator has access to the list of orders for a given position and from which he can report the start, progress and completion of work.



Read-Only planner interface. Provides a preview of the plan, but does not allow to edit it.

Maintenance &

Maintenance &

Technical Assistance Contract (compulsory during the first year)



Prepared mainly for dairy processing, the batch module allows you to divide orders into production batches depending on the capacity of the tanks and the size of transport.



It enables to solve advanced scheduling problems, taking into account additional factors such as prerequisites, retooling or implementation time.



It allows to set up warehouses and define materials. The materials are used in the BOM. A BOM can be considered as a production plan constraint.



This module enables to group multiple orders and corresponding production orders into one project, which makes scheduling and monitoring of the group as a whole easier.



It enables integration of the software with external software such as ERP, SAP or MES. It includes plugins that enable data exchange via XML, SQL, CSV or WebService.

Benefits of ImPlan:

APS-class software has become a necessity in modern production organizations due to customer demand for increasing product range and fast delivery combined with pressure to reduce costs.

ImPlan can be quickly integrated with ERP / MRP software to fill the gaps in these systems (typically there is a lack of flexibility and accuracy in planning and scheduling).

ImPlan helps save planners time, while providing greater flexibility to update constantly changing priorities, production schedules and inventory levels.

Typical benefits of implementing APS - ImPlan application:

A radical reduction in the time of preparing a production schedule compared to the most frequently used tool, i.e. spreadsheets.

Instead of processing data (input, supplementation), the planner obtains time to analyze various schedule scenarios.

Full transparency of data, information and decisions in planning processes.

Better timeliness of deliveries, reduction of stocks, higher production efficiency thanks to the optimization of the use of bottlenecks.

Increasing the competence of planners.

Reduction of the implementation time


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The process of preparing and implementing: uncomplicated

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WOCA has increased production by 20% – same manpower

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Planning and scheduling of production using ImPlan software, part I

Coach :
Michał Zieliński
Duration :
1 day
Date :
to be agreed individually

Purpose of the training / Trainer's statement:

The training is intended for people involved in planning, in particular production scheduling, and people who are just starting their path with these issues. Participants will learn about the role of planning and scheduling in the enterprise as well as the role of the tools themselves and their basic functionality.

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Why is it worth choosing this training?

  • An excellent introduction for those getting into planning and scheduling.
  • A great opportunity to see how the implementation of tools can support processes in the enterprise.
  • Getting to know the basic functionalities of this class systems.

The scope of the training :

The training covers the key issues related to the functioning of planning and scheduling in the company's Supply Chain - roles, needs, tasks and how the software can support these challenges.
Among the functional modules developed during the classes, the following can be distinguished:

  • Planning, as part of the enterprise management system / APS in the structure of computerized systems in the enterprise
  • ImPlan - overview and discussion about the available modules
  • Data structure in ImPlan
  • Configuration of basic functionalities: resources, calendars, routes, operations
  • Creating and scheduling orders in ImPlan
  • Visualizing progress and responding to changes
  • Overview and editing the plan
  • Searching and filtering
  • Appearance Customization

The training focuses on basic functionalities and operating strategies to provide a basic overview through the range of possibilities.

Planning and scheduling of production using ImPlan software, part II

Coach :
Michał Zieliński
Duration :
1 dzień
Date :
to be agreed individually

Purpose of the training / Trainer's statement

The training covers the issues of advanced mechanisms for handling planning processes and preparation of schedule from the order level to shipment marking. It is intended for people who have undergone basic training and have some knowledge of planning processes.

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Why is it worth choosing this training:

  • Getting to know a broader spectrum of software functionality.
  • Possibility of obtaining knowledge about the process in the end-to-end form.
  • Presentation of specific options for more complex challenges.

The scope of the training :

The training covers issues related to the so-called advanced scheduling, which includes logistic elements, material management, formulation, etc. It touches upon topics related to the entire course of the Supply Chain, and even to the implementation of production and the methods of its registration for planning purposes.
The scope of the training includes:

  • Setting up warehouses and defining materials
  • Material planning - BOM and restrictions
  • Multi User - parallel work on the plan by many people
  • Changeover sequences and matrices
  • Planning of projects/orders
  • ShopFloor - work execution reporting environment
  • Integration of external systems, files, excel, databases

IMPRODIS: Production planning and scheduling - methodology

Coach :
Artur Kolibski
Duration :
1 dzień
Date :
10.09.2020r., 19.11.2020r.

Purpose of the training / Trainer's statement

The aim of the training is to familiarize participants with the issues related to planning and scheduling production according to the ERP model. During it, participants will acquire practical skills in the scope of processes and tools of an effective Operational Planning Model.

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Why is it worth choosing this training ? :

  • You will acquire up-to-date knowledge of effective planning in production organizations
  • You will learn the ERP Operational Planning Model
  • You will understand that effective planning is not only the production planning department
  • You will learn the specifics of planning in various production strategies
  • You will learn how to effectively optimize planning processes
  • You will discuss the challenges facing your organization with the practitioner
  • You will learn about the success factors of real implementations
  • You will analyze how to improve the effectiveness of communication in planning

The scope of the training :

  • Sales forecasting in various supply chain strategies as an element that initiates production planning
  • Production planning objectives and the company's strategy and the supply chain
  • Classic model of ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) planning hierarchy
  • S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) as an element of decision making in every company
  • The role and scheme of creating MPS (Master Production Schedule) in organizations
  • Logic and elements of material planning MRP (Materials Requirements Planning)
  • Planning and Scheduling - is it the same?
  • Inventory management - elements, best practices, policies, tools
  • Indicators and reporting in planning - what does "good" planning mean?
  • How to optimize planning in the company? Key Issues

IMPRODIS: Managing by facts using production indicators - methodology

Coach :
Michał Matejczyk, Artur Kolibski, Artur Masłowski, Radosław Oleszkowicz
Duration :
1 dzień
Date :
09.09.2020r., 18.11.2020r.

Purpose of the training / Trainer's statement

The aim of the training is to familiarize participants with the concept of Management by Facts and the use of indicators to monitor production efficiency and the benefits for the organization of implementing such solutions. In addition, solutions that enable more effective and faster collection of production data as part of the digitization concept in Industry 4.0 will be discussed.

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Why is it worth choosing this training ? :

  • You will learn how to start an adventure with the transformation of production towards Industry 4.0
  • You will learn why and how to manage a business based on facts, not myths
  • You will see how to increase the efficiency of production supervision
  • You will learn a simple way to digitize production and its reporting
  • We will show a solution that will allow the employee to concentrate on production rather than filling papers
  • We will show you how to quickly, on-line and visually show the current state of production, identify problems and areas with potential for improvement

The scope of the training :

  • What characterizes the company of Management by Indicators?
  • The role of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in improving the efficiency of the organization.
  • Indicator models and rules for their cascading in the process of describing the organization.
  • Methods for defining indicator targets
  • Elements of the Management by Facts System.
  • Information accuracy and reliability as the basis for effective analytics.
  • Selected performance indicators - exercises.
  • Development of reporting support systems in organizations.
  • ImProdis - IT platform supporting Management by Facts.
  • Workshops based on sample data within the ImProdis platform.

The environment of solutions for a production organization, which includes both organizational improvement methods and IT tools and systems that support them, allowing to direct changes in the developing enterprise.


System of digital and mobile information flow as well as reporting to support the processes considering walking around dispersed objects or supervision of resources at the production facility.


A tool that enables improving the efficiency of production resources through advanced diagnostics of machine availability.


An IT indicator analytical and reporting system, as well as a set of trainings and workshops supporting the preparation and implementation of changes in the organization, consisting in the implementation and digitization (or optimization of the existing) indicator system.


A flexible reporting and analytical portal supporting tools from the ImFactory group.


A comprehensive solution based on standard APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) software as well as process optimization and strengthening team competences.

Areas covered by the Production Improvement Platform:

  • digitization of information flow on production and between production and business systems
  • planning and scheduling
  • production management
  • monitoring of production efficiency and maintenance

The Production Improvement Platform provides:

  • diagnosing / verifying the organization's needs
  • selection of appropriate organizational and technical solutions, modeling changes, assessing the profitability of investments in a solution
  • preparing people in the organization for change (consultations, workshops, trainings)
  • implementation of technical solutions
  • support in maintaining and developing organizational and technical changes


Management by facts

The decision process in a production organization should be standardized in such a way that the right and necessary information is always at hand, and the effectiveness and efficiency of key decisions is even higher.

Managing by facts is a mechanism for moving from data through information to operational knowledge, and consequently to more effective management through more effective decisions.

Managing by facts allows successively moving away from the intuitive action model to the model of examining the nature of the phenomenon and the problem, correctly describing it and applying (making decision) based on knowledge.

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5 steps to manage by facts

The drive to learn about the processes in the company is based on collected data, obtained information and knowledge, not only on the intuition of managers.

Effective change of organization towards one that consciously and maturely uses management through facts requires the development of 5 areas: proper collection and processing of reliable data, analysis, which allows processing raw data into useful information, knowledge management, organizing decisions, establishing control procedures of improvement.

Successful implementation of management by facts are 5 steps that provide a logical cycle of action and guarantee the best results in process management.

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Webinar: Managment by facts!

We would like to encourage everybody to view the webinar "Time is money. How to manage through facts and achieve operational mastery", which took place on 25th October 2018. You will learn from the recording:

  • what is the difference between intuitive management and management through facts,
  • how to transfer the company's strategy to the daily functioning of the operations (production, maintenance, logistics),
  • how to develop an organization towards managing by facts and how to ensure the sustainability of the change.

The organizer of the webinar was "How to do IT" - a business and technology think tank appointed by the publisher of the Harvard Business Review Polska magazine.

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Planowanie Produkcji. Od czego zacząć

Dla 90% organizacji efektywne Planowanie w Łańcuchu Dostaw jest priorytetowym celem biznesowym, któremu dedykowane są lub będą w najbliższej przyszłości posiadane zasoby.

Kryterium osiągnięcia sukcesu w Planowaniu Produkcji jest zaangażowanie wielu obszarów w organizacji i optymalizacja procesów podporządkowana jednemu spójnemu celowi.

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Planowanie produkcji – do sukcesu pierwszy krok

Korzyści płynące z dobrego planowania są ogromne. Szacuje się, że każda minuta poświęcona na planowanie pozwala zaoszczędzić dziesięć minut pracy. (Brian Tracy)

Tak jak w każdym procesie, również w produkcji potrzebny jest plan, który wprowadzi do istniejącego chaosu odrobinę porządku i pozwoli ułożyć go w logiczny ciąg zdarzeń.

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