ImProdis - it is an informational indicator, analytical and reporting system, as well as a set of training and workshops supporting in the preparation and implementation of changes in the organization, consisting of the implementation and digitization (or optimization of the existing) indicator system.

Manufacturing Operations & Control

Board of directors COO Plant manager

ImAnalytics - is a web portal presenting in graphic form information collected and processed by the system. It contains pre-defined sets of reports and analysis grouped and adapted to the needs of users at three levels of the company: the directing, operational and managerial level.

Board of directors

  • OTIF
  • OEE
  • Utilization
  • OPE

COO / Plant manager

  • OTIF – In full, On time
  • OEE – top 5
  • Utilization
  • OPE
  • Productivity

Process Supervisory Control

Production manager Maintanance team leader

ImView - is an interface designed for production supervision and maintenance services. Provides a transparent preview of the production status by: positions, orders, employees and products. It also allows defining and assigning orders to positions, configuration of operator accounts, machines and products.

Production manager

  • OTIF – In full, On time
  • Achievement
  • OEE – components, reports, histograms
  • Loss structure on availability
  • Productivity

Maintenance team leader

  • MTTR
  • MTBF
  • OEE – Drill down
  • Spectrum report
  • Planned maintenance

Process control

  • Plan to do
  • Level of order fulflillment vs. standard
  • Machine statuses in their own area
  • Production orders backlog



ImBox - the operator's interface placed at the workplace. Its task is to collect and present information about the reasons for stops and the progress of orders.
ImDiagnostics - is a special version of ImBox. It was created for partially and / or fully automated positions that provide large amounts of information in an automatic manner with the possibility to supplement with operator's declarations.


  • The state of the machine with time since the last change
  • The number of pieces currently made
  • Plan to do
  • Registration of downtime reasons

Easier identification of bottlenecks and areas for improvement

Features of the solution

Out of the box

The solution prepared for quick and easy implementation in almost every organization and environment. It is an innovative perspective within production management systems.


The system adapts to the organizational maturity of the plant. This is a non-standard approach in thinking about the concurrent development of both the system and the organization. Functions are available only when they are actually required.


The area covered by the system can be freely shaped and expanded as the organization grows. This unconventional solution allows to manage coverage according to customer needs.

Real measurement

The data comes from sensors, meters and machine control systems and is enriched with categorical descriptions declared by the Operator. The system is based on reliable data from measurement sites, which allows the analysis of actual results.

Indicator analysis

The system provides a structure of reports, prepared by production consultants according to the WCM methodology. Indicators in them are tailored to the needs of users at all levels of the organization.

Operating model

The logical model implemented in the system reflects the actual organizational structure of the company, thanks to which work with the system interacts with the organization's daily routine.

Lowering production costs without losing quality

Advantages of ImProdis implementation

Increased efficiency

The solution helps to maintain work positions with the highest efficiency and provides support in competing at a higher level in accordance with the principles of continuous process improvement.

Certainty of implementation

Scheduled activities are directly transferred to the system and allocated to specific production sockets, and the implementation process is subject to continuous monitoring.

Sustainable development

Organization development in the scope of stabilization of production processes and increase of efficiency (performance and availability) of positions. The ongoing changes are matched to the pace of organizational development.

Increased flexibility

Increased speed and flexibility thanks to reliable real-time production data. Multi-context analysis supports the accuracy and speed of decision making.

Cost reduction

A more precise allocation of funds, budgets for improving the organization. More efficient management of fixed assets costs. Reduction of costs related to unplanned downtime and reduction of quality losses.

Standardization of solutions

Increased efficiency of the supply chain due to fast and reliable information flow between company departments using standardized IT systems.


The environment of solutions for a production organization, which includes both organizational improvement methods and IT tools and systems that support them, allowing to direct changes in the developing enterprise.


Areas covered by the Production Improvement Platform:

  • digitization of information flow on production and between production and business systems
  • planning and scheduling
  • production management
  • monitoring of production efficiency and maintenance

The Production Improvement Platform provides:

  • diagnosing / verifying the organization's needs
  • selection of appropriate organizational and technical solutions, modeling changes, assessing the profitability of investments in a solution
  • preparing people in the organization for change (consultations, workshops, trainings)
  • implementation of technical solutions
  • support in maintaining and developing organizational and technical changes

Management by facts

Management by facts 5 steps to manage by facts Webinar: Managment by facts!

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Management by facts

The decision process in a production organization should be standardized in such a way that the right and necessary information is always at hand, and the effectiveness and efficiency of key decisions is even higher. Managing by facts is a mechanism for moving from data through information to operational knowledge, and consequently to more effective management through more effective decisions.

Managing by facts allows successively moving away from the intuitive action model to the model of examining the nature of the phenomenon and the problem, correctly describing it and applying (making decision) based on knowledge.

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Grzegorz Purzycki CEO,
MES Solutions by ASTOR

ImProdis - support and creation of conditions for development of production organizations

We present you a solution created by our team, believing that what we do is the future of production systems and without them no production company that has ambitious goals will not be able to achieve long-term success. The solution prepared was based on the experience and knowledge of our consultants, content partners and users.

Our main goal was to develop a set of workshop tools and technical means as a support in the preparation and implementation of changes in the production organization and then its maintenance.


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